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Assistant Regional Security Manager

  •  Posted:  Mon. 7 Jun, 2021
  •  Expires:  20, Jun 2021
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Non-profit/Volunteering, Humanitarian & Development

Job Summary

The Assistant Regional Security Manager under supervision of Regional Security Manager (RSM) is mainly responsible for assisting CARE Country Offices (COs) within the West Africa Region in the implementation of staff safety and security protocols and procedures. This will include, but not be limited to, promoting staff safety and security awareness, professional approaches, preparedness and management, in support of program implementation. S/he will work in conjunction with Country Office Safety and Security (SS) Managers (SSM), Advisors (SSA), Officers (SSO), Focal Points (SSFP) and Country Directors (CD) in ensuring a consistently acceptable standard of risk management to minimize the likelihood and impact of potential threats. The Assistant Regional Security Manager is subject to frequent deployment to any location in West Africa, including insecure high risk locations, to assist in addressing security and safety concerns, assist in developing appropriate plans and/or provide technical assistance. The Assistant Regional Security Manager will assist the RSM in coordinating and consolidating reports, returns and other deliverables such as, but not exclusive to, the Monthly Security Report, SIMSon Reports, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) compliance updates and their associated components/outputs and parts of the CSU WARMU budget tracking. The Assistant Regional Security Manage will act for the RSM in her/his absence

Job Description

Support to CO Safety and Security Staff

  • Assist CO SS staff in developing contextual understanding of their areas of operations as guided by the RSM.
  • Assist CO SS staff in preparing, conducting and reporting risk assessments and analysis. - Monitor proper implementation of the Safety and Security Management Plans (SSMPs) including Contingency Plans (CPs)
  • Assist CO SS staff to prepare for major events and critical incidents or crisis where SS is concerned.
  • Assist CO SS staff to organize and facilitate SS awareness training for staff members.

Procedures and Protocols

  • Using CARE Safety and Security Key Performance Indicators and other tools, monitor that CARE SS protocols and operating procedures are in place, are up to date and are being used. Advise CO SS staff and RSM of any gaps.
  •  Monitor that effective communications and equipment are properly used and are following international and CARE SS protocols. - Monitor that SS protocols are followed and respected by all staff members especially with regard to travel, medical and personal safety. - Report any non-compliance or deviation to CO SS staff, CD and RSM.

Critical Incidents:

  • Provide guidance to CO SS staff in updating information on SS situation to the CD and RSM and monitor closely any potential risk to the staff or assets of CARE.
  • Assist in emergency evacuation in any of the CARE offices if in potential danger.
  • Advise CO SS staff and CDs on appropriate action during a critical incident.
  • Assist in investigation of SS incidents where any CARE member may be involved.
  • Deploy to the CO if needed to help manage the critical incident

Communication and Reporting

  • Advise CO SS staff on situational report and assessment formats and procedures.
  • Monitor that CO SS staff submit regular reports such as Monthly Security Report. The ARSM is responsible for consolidating the MSR for the region and presenting it to the RSM, on time for approval and submission to the CSU.
  • Communicate SS-related information updates and/or alerts to CO SS staff.
  • The Assistant Regional Security Manager will ensure that incident reports including SIMSon and other security reports generated in WARMU are within CI standard.
  • Monitor the Travel Restrictions on CI Safety and Security Portal and make updates in consultation with COs if expired or if there are any significant events.
  • Maintain the WARMU section of the CSU on-line data base (Archer) and other tools

Safety and Security Logistics, Budgets and Training

  • Monitor any gap in logistic support and advise CO SS staff and the CD/SMT on appropriate action.
  • Advise CO SS staff on Budgeting for Security tools and procedures at project and CO levels. - Monitor cost effectiveness and efficiency with regard to SS logistics.
  • Provide and participate in safety and security training and as part of CSU. Training may include – security awareness, HEAT, SRT, First Aid (TMAT), crisis management, SSFP orientation and any other training that might be required.

Representation, Coordination and Consolidation

  • The Assistant Regional Security Manager will assure that visitor and new arrival orientation and briefings, are updated and according to CI standards.
  • The Assistant Regional Security Manager will act as the CSU WARMU main point of contact in the absence of the RSM.

Problem Solving:

  1. The incumbent must use interpolative skills to pick and choose the right strategy to address a given problem; The Assistant Regional Security Manager will have a clear set of routine duties to perform in support of the CO safety and security function and will be trained on how to carry out those duties. There may be from time to time unusual or unforeseen requirements that the Assistant Regional Security Manager will be expected to analyze and provide options for resolving them to the RSM and CDs.
  2. For Critical Incident Management, the Assistant Regional Security Manager will assist based on clear guidelines and procedures and follow the direction of the RSM and the CMT as applicable

Job Experience


  • University degree.
  • Education qualification may be relaxed for experienced candidates;
  • Evidence of professional skills development within, Security, crisis and Risk Management field - Language Skills:
  • Excellent in written and oral English and French.
  • Computer Skills: Basic knowledge and operation skill in word processor and internet connectivity
  • 5 years’ experience in assisting humanitarian or development organization in safety and security program or equivalent experience in the public or private sectors and a managerial and/or supervisory level.
  • Specialist technical training in safety and security such as NGO, private sector security, public safety, military or police training at the supervisory level
  • Demonstrable experience of risk management such as risk assessments, staff awareness and incident management in the NGO context.
  • Experience outside country of residence in safety and security context at management level.
  • Experience in providing security support to multiple countries at the same time.


  • Master’s degree in a relevant security discipline or international development
  • Specific NGO security training (eg. RedR Security Management HEAT, Risk Management or similar training).
  • Qualification as a trainer in safety and security
  • Safety and security management – information collection, investigations, analysis, assessments and reporting


  • Action oriented
  • Building effective teams
  • Creativity
  • Directing others
  • Interpersonal savvy
  • Learning on the fly
  • Listening
  • Motivating others
  • Written communication



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Gwarimpa, Abuja

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