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Mechanical Engineer

  •  Posted:  Wed. 3 Aug, 2022
  •  Expires:  31, Aug 2022
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Mechanical Engineering, Engineering

Job Summary

The ideal candidate is responsible for working on all product stages from research and development to design and manufacture, through to installation and final commissioning. The goal is to design and fabricate mechanical components of innovation and excellence.

Job Description

Job summary:

You will be responsible for designing, drafting and coordinating of building services, offshore dredging and diverse systems such as commercial/residential construction: plumbing, sewage, HVAC, fire- fighting and equipment. You are responsible for working on all project stages from research and development to design and execution.




·         Coordinating, designing and drafting of building mechanical services from conceptual to completion stage that meet needs and requirements

·         Research and development of preliminary schematic designs to set the direction of the project

·         Actively seeking new design and construction methods

·         Reviewing of documents for quality control evaluations

·         Meeting with clients to discuss project objectives, needs, and budget

·         Infuse all these requirements and conditions into design proposals.

·         Work with the project manager and other project team members from the preliminary design and drawings stage to working drawing and execution.

·         Supervision of project team as assigned

·         Coordinating with consultants

·         Meeting with suppliers and vendors

·         Overseeing construction phases of projects by conducting site inspections and ensure strict adherence to architects’ details and Development control approved drawings.

·         Ensuring close-out documentation and project archives are complete

·         Preparing and presenting design proposals, including detailed drawings of finished buildings, renovations, or restorations

·         Meeting with construction professionals and clients to discuss feasibility of designs

·         Working with contractors, surveyors, and building service engineers to create a construction schedule and bring the designs to fruition

·         Reviewing local rules and regulations to ensure the construction project falls within all constraints

·         Specifying the materials needed for construction of projects

·         Working with computer-aided design software to create blueprints and images

·         Supervising construction of buildings to ensure projects meet deadlines, stay on budget, and adhere to the original vision for the design

·         Resolving issues that come up during construction

·         Participating in project management throughout the construction

·         Participate in tender technical analysis and negotiations.

·         Preparation of tender documents including; detailed drawings, specification and Bill Of Quantities

·         Identify, formulate and produce effective solutions to emerging problems

·         Prepare and submit project and progress reports as appropriate

·         Alter and modify design to meet requirements and to eliminate malfunctions

·         Preparation of BOQ, MTO, EOI, RFQ and RFP.

·         Interpretation and review of calculations, specifications and design code

·         Estimate budget and scope of project

Job Experience

-    Mechanical Engineering degree is required

-    Licensed by recognized Professional Body in Nigeria

-    Minimum Six years’ experience

-    Proficient in standard industry software

-   Strong knowledge of CAD/CAM software and drafting procedures

-   Ability to interpret Structural / Architectural drawings 

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Ultimus Holdings Limited

Ultimus Holdings is a Pan-African investment company with the sole purpose of contributing to the sustainable development of African economies. Our investing deployment is broad-based and long-term. We specifically invest is sectors that demonstrates growth; leveraging our sector expertise in ensuring we become market leaders in all operational portfolios.  Our portfolio companies includes; Ultimus Construction Limited, The Classroom by Ultimus, Viarmor Healthcare Limited.

9b Kwara Street, Osborne Foreshore Estate 1, Osborne Road, Ikoyi, Lagos

[email protected]

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