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  •  Posted:  Thu. 9 Sep, 2021
  •  Expires:  16, Sep 2021
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Operations Management

Job Summary

SCOPE: Job Title: Driver Department: Operations Employment Category: Fixed Term Employment Type: Full-Time Vacancy Type: National Location: Gashua, Yobe Reporting to: Logistics Officer Staff Reporting to this Position: None SUMMARY: To provide efficient and safe transportation to CARE Staff and also responsible for safe driving of CARE International vehicle for the conveyance of staff and Assets. The Driver will ensure cleaning, proper maintenance of vehicles in compliance with the Driver’s Handbook and safe driving standards, ensuring the vehicle is fueled in time for trips and the proper management of the fuel supply for the assigned vehicle. The driver should do so in accordance with CARE International policies and procedures.

Job Description


Job Title: Driver – Night Operations

Department: Operations

Employment Category: Fixed Term

Employment Type: Full-Time

Vacancy Type: National

Location: Yobe 

Slot: 2

Reporting to: Logistics Officer

Staff Reporting to this Position: None


Driving and Maintenance:

  • Maintain vehicle log and fuel consumption documentation.
  • Prepare daily vehicle usage report, including trip use, mileage and fuel consumption.
  • Providing weekly usage report of vehicles including total mileage, fuel consumption and expenditure.
  • Maintain valid drivers’ license.
  • Organize the transport of supplies directly to CARE designated location for use.
  • Complete the logbook for everyday trips and complete the fuel log sheet for any fuel purchases.
  • In consultation with the Logistics Officer Office, comply with vehicle allocation for staff.
  • Keep the vehicle documentation up to date.
  • Update the whiteboard once the movement plan is approved.

Control of Vehicles:

  • Ensure that all vehicle journeys are authorized in advance by the Line manager.
  • Ensure that all vehicle journeys are recorded in the logbook at the start and completion of journey.
  • Ensure that keys and vehicle documents are kept in secure place when the vehicle is not in use
  • Ensure that all passengers wear seats belts before driving the vehicle.
  • Ensure that a waiver is filled and approved when carrying non CARE staff on project vehicle.
  • Ensure that the Line Manager is immediately informed of any accidents/incidents and that the accident is reported to the police as appropriate and as soon as possible.
  • Ensure that the vehicle is insured and in the event of an accident, make certain that proper procedures for insurance claims are followed.
  • Report on all near misses.

Vehicle Checks:

  • Check the vehicle prior to its use every morning, fill the checklist and file it.
  • Check on taking over a vehicle and ensure that the items listed on the vehicle checklist and in the vehicles tools and materials inventory are present and in functioning order.
  • Check level of motor oil, water, tyre pressure, battery water and brakes to ensure that all are up to the standards required before any journey commences.
  • The driver is to check for vehicle defects and damage to the vehicle and ensure that he/she reports them to his/her line manager promptly.
  • Report and supervise all maintenance and repair needs of assigned vehicle.
  • Check communication equipment and maintains communication while in the field with base (SSFP)

Cleanliness and Visibility:

  • The driver is responsible for ensuring that the vehicle is kept clean on the outside and inside at all times.
  • He/She is to ensure CARE visibility protocols are adhered to at all times.


  • Follow and abide by traffic rules, regulations, driver safety manual and any other instructions given by supervisor.
  • Maintain all vehicle safety equipment, as per vehicle safety kit, in liaison with the Logistics Officer- including first aid kit, communication equipment and fire extinguisher, Covid-19 Kits.
  • Work after duty hours or holidays/weekends as and when required and in prior notice from the line manager.
  • Escalate complaints and feedback of a serious nature to program support officer and field office child safeguarding focal point.
  • Perform any other duty as requested by authorized persons.  


  • Abide by policies that prohibit fraud, nepotism, corruption and/or bribery.
  • Maintain a strong awareness of Child Safeguarding policies.
  • Operate with the highest standards of professionalism, and in a manner that is gender-sensitive and in compliance with Anti-Harassment and PSEA policies.
  • Be willing to support and/or participate in humanitarian responses where required.
  • Be willing to support and/or participate in trainings and other capacity strengthening initiatives for partners where required.

Job Experience


  • Completion of Secondary school education. Formal drivers training with a valid driver’s license/certification to operate assigned vehicle following local rules and regulations.


  • Three or more years of work experience as a Driver preferably in an international organization, NGOs or any humanitarian organization with a demonstrated safe driving record.
  • Experience in driving a variety of makes and models of vehicles, including vans, trucks and other kinds of motorized vehicles.
  • Experience in defensive driving is desirable.

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Knowledge of driving rules and regulations, chauffeur protocol and courtesies, local roads/waterways and conditions, and security issues.
  • Good understanding of transport services and ability to coordinate routes and schedules at night.
  • Knowledge of driving/boat operating rules and regulations whichever applicable.
  • Knowledge of safety standards and safety equipment (e.g. fire extinguishers, buoyant wearable safety devices, etc.)
  • Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.
  • Ability to assess vehicles for mechanical fitness and skills in minor vehicle repairs.
  • Knowledge of the vehicle loading capacity and other parameters.
  • Knowledge and ability to use radio, email, telephone and other applications.
  • Basic skills to assist in case of emergency, knowledge of first aid basic methods.
  • Ability to demonstrate a client-oriented approach, high sense of responsibility, courtesy and tact.

Languages required:

  • English is a must and knowledge of local language is advantage.
  • Good report writing, communication and interpersonal skills.
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